What a delightful and light book. 

Williams explores types of movement from walking to dancing to stretching, fighting, breathing and so on and how each of these influences the body and mind. We obviously know that movement is good for us but this book dives into genes, genetics, how the brain communicates with organs and vice versa and what we can do to move ourselves towards better lives. She makes sure to highlight the fact that our bodies can be improved at any time, so there’s no bad time to start moving more.

Full of science, anecdotes, stories and conjectures about future discoveries, all written and explained in an accessible manner. 

Geniuses from Darwin to Steve Jobs advocated “thinking on foot.” Strength training boosts the feeling of being capable of handling what life throws at you. A study shows that the teenage girls who did weight-training had a greater sense of capability to handle even life’s non-physical challenges. It’s the high you get from pushing just a little beyond your physical limit.

Fighting has been used to treat people with trauma and PTSD. A musical beat makes you happier by synchronising electrical activity across brain regions. The dudes in my gym love blasting their beats and kicking off a mini-dance party every morning. I guess it’s time I take their cue and join them! 

Yoga is not necessarily meant for making you extra bendy, but rather to massage the Internal organs. And literally moving in a forward direction makes the past feel more distant. 

Having become exponentially more active this year, this book answered so many questions I had about the changes I’ve been experiencing. It was great to marry experience with the science.

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