Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep covers so much ground and with immense clarity while making the case that of all the things we do for our well-being, sleep is the most crucial element, including how fundamental it is to our brain’s development and emotional balance. 

We read a lot about the detrimental effect of less sleep and we kind of dismiss it because with our lifestyles and work, often we don’t have a choice. 

Yet, this book takes all that into account and makes the case for easy adjustments that can help you sleep better, especially if you understand the how and why of it (beyond just saying screens before bed are bad). It shed light on my wonderings about the purpose of our dreams (extra-relevant during lockdown!), and looks at dreams as personal brain therapy. 

It examines how an industrialised society has transformed the value we place on sleep or the supposed ability to function on less.

And it totally backs up the opinion you probably had that school times started way too early when you were a teenager! It also explores what it means to be a morning person or a night owl, and whether you actually are what you think you are. 

What’s even more incredible is that sleep plays the same role across species, so be kind and don’t disturb your snoozing pet just because you’re in the mood for some cuddles! 

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