My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life

Georgia Pritchett is a writer on Veep, The Thick of It and… Spice World! And also a writer and EP on Succession. Must, must, must read this. A laugh-out-loud funny collection of short essays – half a page, three pages…

It’s a hilarious account of a person living with anxiety, stumbling through the world and beautifully making the most of it. With wit, subtlety and subtext galore, Pritchett capturing the essence of whole experiences in pithy paragraphs that expand to fill volumes in your imagination. Her stories are about being unprepared for trips to the zoo, on not liking milk, on having more teeth removed than she planned during a trip to the dentist, how her parents came to be called The Witch and The Patriarchy, to a candid account of a friend sleeping with the science teacher and how she and others took turns standing guard outside the classroom, encountering Christianity in college after being raised an atheist, struggling with infertility, all the way to moving up in the world as a writer despite, in her words, “persist(ing) in having the wrong chromosomes.” 

This book is a lesson in stellar writing as much as it is a portrait of bravery in getting through a life that doesn’t feel designed to make use of your strengths.

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