Into Thin Air

In 1996, Jon Krakauer, a mountaineer and journalist, was commissioned by Outside magazine to join and write about  a commercial expedition to climb Mount Everest. The journey ended in disaster. Krakauer weaves a history of Mount Everest and different expeditions, famous climbers of the past and his present as well as the culture of climbingContinue reading “Into Thin Air”

Becoming Wild

Killer whales use sonic sounds called codas to communicate – they have codas for their community, their family unit, for individuals. They know who they are with and whom they want to be with. At the first sign of threat, they can call for backup. They have been seen to form military-like defence formations whenContinue reading “Becoming Wild”

Entangled Life

This book took me on a breathtaking, life-affirming and inspired journey into the astounding interconnectedness of fungi and the role they play in the world around us. Sheldrake writes with compassionate understanding and vivid prose, and asks questions that shake the core of our self-centred definitions of intelligence, cognition and sensory perception. We need notContinue reading “Entangled Life”

How To Change Your Mind

This book is phenomenal.  Pollan makes historical figures, places and experiences come alive with evocative descriptions. He looks at the natural history of mind-altering substances in nature, a human history of their uses, chemical discoveries, research, and the shift in political and cultural perceptions that made the movement go underground. He bravely shares firsthand accountsContinue reading “How To Change Your Mind”

The Bird Way

The Bird Way is an ambitious, wide-ranging and wonderful read.  Ms Ackerman writes with a lightness and irreverence that brings species, behaviour and places alive. She travels the globe, talking to naturalists and scientists who live arduous, yet enthralling, lives. They stand decked in recording technology, not moving for hours on end, they clamber throughContinue reading “The Bird Way”