This book merges the science of why learning over a lifetime can keep you nimble and happy with a first hand report of the author‘s adventures as a serial beginner. Vanderbilt writes of his escapades in a conversational, dry, self-effacing manner that is laugh-out-loud funny. Behold sentences like – “I careened through this line withContinue reading “Beginners”


This book is a mixed bag. The first half is fascinating. It breaks down the science of what happens to cells in the body when they age and how research has been able to adjust or change the rate of ageing and even reverse it in animal experiments (which are thoroughly upsetting to read about).Continue reading “Lifespan”

How To Change Your Mind

This book is phenomenal.  Pollan makes historical figures, places and experiences come alive with evocative descriptions. He looks at the natural history of mind-altering substances in nature, a human history of their uses, chemical discoveries, research, and the shift in political and cultural perceptions that made the movement go underground. He bravely shares firsthand accountsContinue reading “How To Change Your Mind”

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep covers so much ground and with immense clarity while making the case that of all the things we do for our well-being, sleep is the most crucial element, including how fundamental it is to our brain’s development and emotional balance.  We read a lot about the detrimental effect of less sleep andContinue reading “Why We Sleep”