Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

This is a simple but revelatory guide to freeing yourself from patterns, habits and the past by assessing your relationship with everything you own.  It outlines how clutter affects you – from keeping you in the past to making you feel tired and overwhelmed to even manifesting as extra body weight and it explores theContinue reading “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”

Thanks for the Feedback

Criticism can make us defensive, upset, and angry. Yet, being able to understand and absorb what we hear enables us to have better relationships, do better at work and develop a more harmonious existence. This book is a practical guide that helps by covering a daunting array of scenarios, relationships and circumstances. Within a single conversationContinue reading “Thanks for the Feedback”

The Four Agreements

Lewis Hamilton recommends this book in his masterclass which is, in itself, a comforting, authentic and sincere experience. Don Miguel Ruiz draws on Toltec culture – a pre-Colombian Mesoamerican culture of a state in Mexico to present the most simple statements to live by in order to develop a peaceful existence within oneself and theContinue reading “The Four Agreements”


My favourite line in this book is – ‘Decartes said “I think, therefore I am”; but most of the time, the truth is more like, “I think, therefore I am not really here.”’ It’s a lesson I’ve been learning over the past two years and this book served as a timely refresher. Sometimes reading similarContinue reading “Fear”

I’m OK You’re OK

You could use this book to either improve yourself or your writing! Transactional analysis is a model to understand human behaviour, identify patterns that are parent-like, child-like or adult-like and use this to solve emotional issues and stabilise the way in which the individual interacts with others. What little I knew of TA was throughContinue reading “I’m OK You’re OK”


What a delightful and light book.  Williams explores types of movement from walking to dancing to stretching, fighting, breathing and so on and how each of these influences the body and mind. We obviously know that movement is good for us but this book dives into genes, genetics, how the brain communicates with organs andContinue reading “Move”

The Science of Meditation

There’s a useful distinction between ‘the deep path and the wide’ when it comes to meditation.  Most of us may not become deep meditators but even the toe we dip in the water brings benefits. Results can be seen in short meditations of five to ten minutes. The more regular one is even with theseContinue reading “The Science of Meditation”

Difficult Conversations

“Difficult conversations are almost never about getting the facts right. They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values.” This book is gold. It tackles the conversations that we have almost daily by unpacking the elements into three separate threads – the ‘what happened’ conversation (perspective), the ‘feelings’ conversation (range of emotions) and the ‘identity’ conversationContinue reading “Difficult Conversations”

Art and Fear

This book is like a comforting blanket after you’ve been sitting around feeling a bit chilly for a while. A very easy read; it took me less than a day. But its gentle perspective is something that I suspect I’ll need to return to.  It addresses art as a thing one simply does. Not asContinue reading “Art and Fear”