Bird by Bird

A living, breathing, experiential account of what it is to write, to want to tell stories, to struggle through the process, the meandering thoughts, the myriad methods of procrastination – all told in a  fresh, non-academic style.  Lamott lays out the fundamentals of writing, which will be familiar to most of those who have studiedContinue reading “Bird by Bird”

My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life

Georgia Pritchett is a writer on Veep, The Thick of It and… Spice World! And also a writer and EP on Succession. Must, must, must read this. A laugh-out-loud funny collection of short essays – half a page, three pages… It’s a hilarious account of a person living with anxiety, stumbling through the world andContinue reading “My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life”

The Lonely City

I don’t know what I expected of this book but it exceeded all expectations. I fell in love with it from the first page because the writing is warm, creative, original, and elevates the subject it confronts. Laing conveys the great depth and evocative truth of her experiences as she describes a broken relationship, moving toContinue reading “The Lonely City”

Art and Fear

This book is like a comforting blanket after you’ve been sitting around feeling a bit chilly for a while. A very easy read; it took me less than a day. But its gentle perspective is something that I suspect I’ll need to return to.  It addresses art as a thing one simply does. Not asContinue reading “Art and Fear”