Bird by Bird

A living, breathing, experiential account of what it is to write, to want to tell stories, to struggle through the process, the meandering thoughts, the myriad methods of procrastination – all told in a  fresh, non-academic style.  Lamott lays out the fundamentals of writing, which will be familiar to most of those who have studiedContinue reading “Bird by Bird”

Empire of Pain

A wonderful tale of a chilling saga that tracks the multi-generational story of the Sackler family, starting with three brothers, Arthur, Raymond and Mortimer, who founded and acquired a group of businesses including Purdue Pharma, the company that created and sells OxyContin – basically, oxycodone – a close relative to heroin. The Sacklers are largelyContinue reading “Empire of Pain”

The Epigenetics Revolution

Epigenetics looks at the changes in an organism through the expression of genes rather than the genetic code itself. To try an even simpler take – it explores the intersection between nature and nurture. While large sections are simply too technical to understand, Carey does make the overview accessible and understandable, which is a realContinue reading “The Epigenetics Revolution”


This book merges the science of why learning over a lifetime can keep you nimble and happy with a first hand report of the author‘s adventures as a serial beginner. Vanderbilt writes of his escapades in a conversational, dry, self-effacing manner that is laugh-out-loud funny. Behold sentences like – “I careened through this line withContinue reading “Beginners”