My favourite line in this book is – ‘Decartes said “I think, therefore I am”; but most of the time, the truth is more like, “I think, therefore I am not really here.”’ It’s a lesson I’ve been learning over the past two years and this book served as a timely refresher. Sometimes reading similarContinue reading “Fear”

I’m OK You’re OK

You could use this book to either improve yourself or your writing! Transactional analysis is a model to understand human behaviour, identify patterns that are parent-like, child-like or adult-like and use this to solve emotional issues and stabilise the way in which the individual interacts with others. What little I knew of TA was throughContinue reading “I’m OK You’re OK”

My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life

Georgia Pritchett is a writer on Veep, The Thick of It and… Spice World! And also a writer and EP on Succession. Must, must, must read this. A laugh-out-loud funny collection of short essays – half a page, three pages… It’s a hilarious account of a person living with anxiety, stumbling through the world andContinue reading “My Mess Is A Bit Of A Life”


Endure is full of stories of individual athletes, coaching teams, scientists and corporate studying the nexus of the mind, brain and body to help humans break barriers on limits that seem impassable. Each chapters covers an element like pain, muscle, oxygen, heat and thirst, and how a belief in our own abilities enables us toContinue reading “Endure”


What a delightful and light book.  Williams explores types of movement from walking to dancing to stretching, fighting, breathing and so on and how each of these influences the body and mind. We obviously know that movement is good for us but this book dives into genes, genetics, how the brain communicates with organs andContinue reading “Move”

The Lonely City

I don’t know what I expected of this book but it exceeded all expectations. I fell in love with it from the first page because the writing is warm, creative, original, and elevates the subject it confronts. Laing conveys the great depth and evocative truth of her experiences as she describes a broken relationship, moving toContinue reading “The Lonely City”


This book sounds the alarm about what’s in our water and our blood, no matter where we are in the world.  Earl Tennent, a West Virginia farmer, realises that his land his rotting, his cattle dying and his family is getting sick because the company that produced Teflon, which makes our cooking utensils non-stick, isContinue reading “Exposure”

Becoming Wild

Killer whales use sonic sounds called codas to communicate – they have codas for their community, their family unit, for individuals. They know who they are with and whom they want to be with. At the first sign of threat, they can call for backup. They have been seen to form military-like defence formations whenContinue reading “Becoming Wild”

Entangled Life

This book took me on a breathtaking, life-affirming and inspired journey into the astounding interconnectedness of fungi and the role they play in the world around us. Sheldrake writes with compassionate understanding and vivid prose, and asks questions that shake the core of our self-centred definitions of intelligence, cognition and sensory perception. We need notContinue reading “Entangled Life”

Acid for the Children

Flea curls words into iridescent images of youth, memory, mistakes, yearning and a reflection on the sum of life’s experiences. The tiny moments that you didn’t bother to record, maybe hoped to forget, that, when recalled decades later, show the grit and shading of a character, a life and a complex community. I’m jealous ofContinue reading “Acid for the Children”