Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

This book is less than a hundred pages and it packs the biggest ideas in the universe into the most accessible language. 

In seven short essays addressing space, time, black holes, the fundamental matter that makes up the universe and our own beautiful, dangerous, and fickle existence, Rovelli simultaneously makes you feel like your brain is twisting into knots and that you actually understand the how’s and whys. 

If terms like the general theory of relativity, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, loop quantum gravity, dark matter and electromagnetism make you both curious and terrified, Rovelli will safely show you their origins, what we know of each concept, how they’re interconnected and how much we still don’t know. 

He combines the most micro and the macro views and ends on such a beautiful, moving thoughts that it’s worth reading all of it just to be able to align with his perspective for a moment and see a little bit of what he sees in the universe, nature, us, our past, present and future.

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